E001 Postcard pack - Hong Kong series 香港系列明信片



Postcard pack - Hong Kong series Total 7 pieces 香港系列明信片 共七張 1. 二叔公 - Uncle II, 2022 2. 香港纜車 - Hong Kong Peak Tram, 2022 3. 珍重 · 珍寶 - So Long, Jumbo, 2022 4. 鐘樓下的最愛 - My favourite under the clock tower, 2022 5. 家 - The best journey takes you home, 2021 6. 香港叮叮 - Hong Kong Tram, 2021 7. 獅子山下萬家燈火 - Lion Rock with sparkly concrete jungle, 2021

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