E110 加拿大夢蓮湖 - Moraine Lake, Canada, 2022

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位於加拿大班夫國家公園內、海拔1,884公尺高的冰川湖,四周被海拔3,000多米的十峰山谷圍繞。每年直到六月,冰封的湖水才融化到最高線,折射沉積的岩粉,呈現寶石般的藍綠色。湖水清澈靜謐,將略帶白雪的的山峰,完美倒影如鏡的湖上。一個人划一艘獨木舟,泛進於如畫美景中,享受真正的Me-time。 Situated in Canada’s Banff National Park is a glacier lake called Moraine Lake. It is 1,884m above sea-level and surrounded by 10 rising peaks, 3,000m above sea-level. From June every year, the frozen glacier starts to melt, refracting lights on layers of glacier rock dust and bringing out stunning colours of turquoise. The snowy mountain peaks are gorgeously reflected upon the crystal clear lake water. For one lonely canoe paddler, this is the perfect Me-Time to enjoy the magnificent scenery. 原本尺寸 Original Size: 50cm x 40cm


作品印刷有以下尺寸選擇: The size of artwork printing will be as follows: 

300 x 400 mm (Approx. A3 size) with IKEA frame

400 x 500 mm (Approx. A2 size) with IKEA frame

500 x 700 mm (Approx. A1 size) with IKEA frame

如自訂尺寸請先報價 Custom size should be quoted separately 


此作品印刷採用 This artwork printing adopts: 

1. Canon imagePROGRAF GP系列 高品質顏料墨水系統 

2. Hahnemühle Canvas / ILFORD Galerie Canvas or same level of canvas 或 同等級別油畫布 

3. 全人手 coating / Handmade coating for artwork 


已包括本地郵寄費用 所有訂單於確認收款後馬上處理,並盡快寄出,本地送貨約7個工作天,海外送貨則視乎遠近而定,大量訂購另議。如對產品有任何疑問,請隨時按右下角「查詢」聯絡我們。 

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